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Super King Market now open @ San Fernando Road, by Fletcher Drive

Super King Market, at the former Ralphs Market on San Fernando Road is now open for business.  Super King Market has employed 150 local residents to work in their store and  pays them a living wage, according to owner and GPIA member Mary Fermanian. 

The Fermanians have totally remodeled the market with beautiful new showcases, counters, and bins.  There is a deli counter, a fish counter, fresh poultry and meats counters, a bakery and restaurant all within the building. The restaurant may not be up and running for a few days, but it looks promising.  They have an espresso machine behind the counter, and will be selling sandwiches and other delicacies. Outside, the building has been re-painted, and the parking lot black-topped and re-striped.  The prices seem to be very good as well, but stop in and see for yourself. 

Mary, Vache, and Peter Fermanian are planning a grand opening for June 30th at 11 AM.  They are very excited about opening the new store.  There are all sorts of unusual food items on the shelves along side the old stand-by brands.  Have fun checking it all out!

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