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Take a step back in time and see how things looked 50 or more years ago at certain location in and around Atwater Village. Friends of Atwater Village (FAV) have gathered a collection of vintage postcards and included them in their 2015 Calendar.

The postcards feature Atwater Village and neighboring areas including Tropico, Silver Lake and Los Feliz. These 2015 calendars will be available at Alias Books (3163 Glendale Blvd), Luis Lopez Automotive (2751 Fletcher Dr) and the Atwater Village Farmers’ Market (3250 Glendale Blvd). The calendars are a $10.00 donation to support FAV’s 501-c3 volunteer non-profit organization. All proceeds from this fundraiser will be put back into neighborhood projects.

In 2015 FAV will celebrate 15 years of service to the community. Some of FAV’s projects have included neighborhood cleanups and mural projects to help abate graffiti and increase awareness of local history.

The murals include; Trains Making History on Fletcher Dr. adjacent to the railroad tracks, Local Landmarks at the corner of Larga Ave. and Fletcher Dr., Past to Present on Vince’s Market at the corner of Atwater Ave. and Silver Lake Blvd. and Revisit the Red Car at the Los Angeles River and the Hyperion Bridge. Each of these mural projects involved student participation from our local elementary schools. FAV has also donated historic photos to the Atwater Village Library and to the Atwater Elementary School Library.

In addition to the calendar FAV has authored Arcadia Publishing’s book Images of America Atwater Village. Both the book ($21.99 donation) and the calendar ($10.00 donation) can be ordered via a mail order form (click here for order form), by calling (323) 913-2999 or by sending a check or money order to:

Friends of Atwater Village
P.O. Box 39A55
Los Angeles, California 90039

Orders will be delivered for free to residents in Atwater Village, Tropico, Silver Lake and Los Feliz. There will be a shipping & handling fee for mail orders.

Click here for mail order form


Dear Council Member O’Farrell,

Friends of Atwater Village have participated in the Hyperion Bridge Project since 2004 and we appreciate all that you have done to address the Atwater Village Community’s issues/concerns regarding the Hyperion Bridge. We look forward to the day when the 5 freeway off-ramp will be realigned, the Red Car River Park Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge built and our beautiful Landmark Bridge restored. We know that had you not been working diligently as the CD13 representative with all the prospective agencies involved that these community requests would not have been implemented and we truly appreciate all your hard work.

We were happy to see the project finally move forward after a decade but that was, of course, before the bicycle lobby started their movement to disrupt the process. In all fairness, to address the issue you asked that a citizens committee be formed to revisit the project and see how bicyclists could be accommodated. Sadly, it seems that the Citizens Advisory Committee was heavily stacked with bicycle advocates who support reduction of vehicle lanes even though there was an option to accommodate everyone — pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles alike. The vote taken at the last committee meeting was very controversial to say the least.

Friends of Atwater Village steadfastly supports Option 1 with a crosswalk that would span the entire width of the bridge and the historic features respected. We see it as the only viable option to accommodate all the stakeholders and not negatively affect the flow of traffic through our neighborhood. We hope and believe you will take a balanced common sense approach to your decision on which option to support. Thanks again for your commitment to this project.


Netty Carr, Sandra Caravella, Luis Lopez and Ann Lawson
Board of Directors
Friends of Atwater Village


Atwater’s Neighborhood Council / Government Relations Committee is seeking input from bona fide stakeholders on three draft proposal for the Glendale-Hyperion Bridge Project. Input can be provided via a comment card (see link below). For more information contact the AVNC at

Click here to download Glendale/Hyperion Bridge Improvement Project Comment Card (PDF File)

Click here to download proposal exhibits (PDF File)

Atwater Village Town Hall Meeting, Jan 23rd

Atwater Village Town Hall Meeting
Sponsored by the Atwater Village Neighborhood Council
Thursday, January 23rd 2014 – 7pm
3852 Edenhurst Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039

Atwater’s Neighborhood Council would like your help to determine if Glendale Blvd would be a good site for a streets cape change through a new LA City program called “People St.” Mayor Garcetti has already stated that Atwater Village’s Glendale Boulevard is one of LA’s “great streets”. Would adding pedestrian amenities make it even better, or worse?

Should this happen? What should it look like? Make your voice be heard at the Town Hall Meeting

For more information contact


To all you Villagers who love your neighborhood: Get to know our local history with the Arcadia Publishing Book “ATWATER VILLAGE”. The book is authored by Friends of Atwater Village, a volunteer group dedicated to preserving and sharing the history of our Village. It’s an ideal gift for your neighbor, fellow pet sitter or to teach your children about their neighborhood’s history . As a bonus with each book you purchase you’ll receive a “Atwater Village” license plate cover, choose either Red or Blue.

WE’LL DELIVER IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD UNTIL DECEMBER 23rd. Call 323-913-2999 to order. CASH or Checks made to “Friends of Atwater Village”. All donations welcome !

Atwater’s 22nd Annual Tree Lighting Ceremony


Santa Monica based housing developer, Rethink Development, will present their new plans for the small commercial lot located at 3376 Glendale Blvd at a November community meeting.

The housing developer is using the City’s Small Lot Division Ordinance to subdivide the 9716sf lot into smaller individual lots for the purpose of constructing homes. The previous plan called for 9 smaller parcels; 8 residential and 1 commercial.
Rethink Development is now reducing the number of residential units from 8 to 6, increasing the size of the “yards”, increasing the number of on-street parking spaces, centralizing the trash enclosure, and creating some space between the residential and the commercial space. For a view of their new plans you’ll have to attend the next Atwater Village Neighborhood Council meeting.

Atwater Village Neighborhood Council Board Meeting
Thursday, November 14th 2013 – 7pm
Christ’s Church – 3852 Edenhurst Ave


The City of Los Angeles has extended the public comment period on the current proposal to restore and retrofit the Hyperion Viaduct until November 7th, so please let your voice be heard.

The current project proposal, which took years to develop with significant community input, includes various vehicular, pedestrian and cyclist safety features. Some of those safety features the realignment of the Interstate 5 freeway off-ramp at Glendale Blvd and a pedestrian / bike bridge over the Los Angeles River on the old Red Car pylons. In addition, the project will restore all historical elements of the bridge and retrofit it to weather large earthquakes.

Click here for the current Hyperion Viaduct Restoration / Retrofit proposal

Click here for Friends of Atwater Village statement on the current proposal

We urge you to lend your voice in support of the current proposal. Your comments can be sent via email to, click here to send email.

Or in writing to:

Tami Podesta
Senior Environmental Planner
Department of Transportation
Division of Environmental Planning
100 South Main Street, Ste. 100
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Hyperion Viaduct Retrofit & Restoration Project

Friends of Atwater Village (FAV) would like to express our sincere thanks to the design team that has been working on the retrofit and restoration of our local landmark, the Hyperion Bridge HCM #164.

The bridge retrofit & restoration project was first brought to Atwater Village residents back in 2004. Since then we have seen many changes to the plan. Mr. Wally Stokes had said it best at one of the early community meetings, “No one knows their neighborhood better than the people who live there.” No truer words have been spoken.

FAV, had many suggestions for this project, first and foremost was the protection of all historical elements of the bridge. We also advocated for pedestrian safety, the realignment of the Interstate 5 freeway off-ramp and proposed a pedestrian / bike bridge over the Los Angeles River on the old Red Car pylons. Amazingly all of these things have been incorporated in the plan.

Over the years we have witnessed firsthand a collaboration between the government agencies and local stakeholders to improve the historic bridge and meet the new seismic requirements. Working together we achieved great results. Thanks for giving the community stakeholders a seat at the table. Now pedestrians and bicyclists alike will have a safe way to cross Glendale Blvd and access the Hyperion Bridge stairs to continue their commute to the Silver Lake and Los Feliz communities. The 5 freeway offramp realignment will help alleviate the congestion at the Glenfeliz Blvd turnaround which will in turn keep the traffic from backing up on the bridge.

Lastly, we give our wholehearted thanks to our new Council Member Mitch O’Farrell for sharing our vision, conveying our safety concerns, working with the design team to find a solution and helping to secure the funding. Wenn Chen, Linda Moore and Wally Stokes also deserve special recognition for taking that extra step to work with the community members. We appreciate all their due diligence and hard work.

We look forward to seeing a beautifully restored Hyperion Bridge.


Netty Carr, Sandra Caravella, Ann Lawson & Luis Lopez
Board, Friends of Atwater Village

LA River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study Finally Released


The US Army Corps of Engineers has released the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study for review.

This massive study began in 2006 and cost almost $10 million to complete. The 500+ report pages recommend improvements that would restore ecological value and habitat to the Los Angeles River corridor, from Griffith Park to downtown Los Angeles, including some concrete removal.

Five plans are presented: a “no action” choice, plus Alternatives 10, 13, 16 & 20. FoLAR emphatically endorses the comprehensive and expansive ALTERNATIVE 20, which is endorsed by the City of Los Angeles. However, the USACE asserts its Tentative Selected Plan as the conservative Alternative 13. Now is the time for the Los Angeles River community to make its voice heard all the way to Washington, DC:


The 45-day public comment will begin September 20 and end on November 5. One public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, October 17 at LA River Center and Gardens, 570 W. Avenue 26, Los Angeles 90065.

YOU CAN HELP NOW! Share the study link on social media. Attend the public meeting on October 17. Encourage your association or group to submit comments to the USACE relating to your local neighborhood near the river.

Call FoLAR at 323-223-0585 with your questions about this complex issue.

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