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Dear Council Member O’Farrell,

Friends of Atwater Village have participated in the Hyperion Bridge Project since 2004 and we appreciate all that you have done to address the Atwater Village Community’s issues/concerns regarding the Hyperion Bridge. We look forward to the day when the 5 freeway off-ramp will be realigned, the Red Car River Park Pedestrian/Bicycle Bridge built and our beautiful Landmark Bridge restored. We know that had you not been working diligently as the CD13 representative with all the prospective agencies involved that these community requests would not have been implemented and we truly appreciate all your hard work.

We were happy to see the project finally move forward after a decade but that was, of course, before the bicycle lobby started their movement to disrupt the process. In all fairness, to address the issue you asked that a citizens committee be formed to revisit the project and see how bicyclists could be accommodated. Sadly, it seems that the Citizens Advisory Committee was heavily stacked with bicycle advocates who support reduction of vehicle lanes even though there was an option to accommodate everyone — pedestrians, cyclists and vehicles alike. The vote taken at the last committee meeting was very controversial to say the least.

Friends of Atwater Village steadfastly supports Option 1 with a crosswalk that would span the entire width of the bridge and the historic features respected. We see it as the only viable option to accommodate all the stakeholders and not negatively affect the flow of traffic through our neighborhood. We hope and believe you will take a balanced common sense approach to your decision on which option to support. Thanks again for your commitment to this project.


Netty Carr, Sandra Caravella, Luis Lopez and Ann Lawson
Board of Directors
Friends of Atwater Village

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