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Hyperion Viaduct Retrofit & Restoration Project

Friends of Atwater Village (FAV) would like to express our sincere thanks to the design team that has been working on the retrofit and restoration of our local landmark, the Hyperion Bridge HCM #164.

The bridge retrofit & restoration project was first brought to Atwater Village residents back in 2004. Since then we have seen many changes to the plan. Mr. Wally Stokes had said it best at one of the early community meetings, “No one knows their neighborhood better than the people who live there.” No truer words have been spoken.

FAV, had many suggestions for this project, first and foremost was the protection of all historical elements of the bridge. We also advocated for pedestrian safety, the realignment of the Interstate 5 freeway off-ramp and proposed a pedestrian / bike bridge over the Los Angeles River on the old Red Car pylons. Amazingly all of these things have been incorporated in the plan.

Over the years we have witnessed firsthand a collaboration between the government agencies and local stakeholders to improve the historic bridge and meet the new seismic requirements. Working together we achieved great results. Thanks for giving the community stakeholders a seat at the table. Now pedestrians and bicyclists alike will have a safe way to cross Glendale Blvd and access the Hyperion Bridge stairs to continue their commute to the Silver Lake and Los Feliz communities. The 5 freeway offramp realignment will help alleviate the congestion at the Glenfeliz Blvd turnaround which will in turn keep the traffic from backing up on the bridge.

Lastly, we give our wholehearted thanks to our new Council Member Mitch O’Farrell for sharing our vision, conveying our safety concerns, working with the design team to find a solution and helping to secure the funding. Wenn Chen, Linda Moore and Wally Stokes also deserve special recognition for taking that extra step to work with the community members. We appreciate all their due diligence and hard work.

We look forward to seeing a beautifully restored Hyperion Bridge.


Netty Carr, Sandra Caravella, Ann Lawson & Luis Lopez
Board, Friends of Atwater Village

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