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A Santa Monica based housing developer, Rethink Development, is seeking to cram 8 residential units (along with 1 business unit) in a small commercial lot located at 3376 Glendale Blvd.

The housing developer is using the City’s Small Lot Division Ordinance to subdivide the 9,716sf lot into 9 smaller parcels, 8 residential and 1 commercial. Once subdivided and developed with a “home” each residential parcel would sell at market rate. Prices for the small lot homes are expected to range from $500,000 to $700,000.

3376 Glendale Blvd, located at the corner of Glendale Blvd and La Cleded Ave, was previous used as a parking lot for the Griffith Station Post Office.

In order to squeeze in 8 residential “homes” the developer is seeking to build on almost 100% of the lot, contrary to what is allowed by City ordinance. Specifically, Rethink Development is seeking a conditional use permit to allow yard adjustments to: 1) permit a zero (0) foot side yard between new residential units and between the new residential unit and the commercial unit lieu of the six (6) foot setback required between lots; 2) permit a five (5) foot rear yard in lieu of the 15 (15) foot yard required; 3) permit 2’ minimum horizontal dimension for required common open space (15’) and 2’ for private open space (8’); and 4) allow two inch (2”) separation between buildings on the lot in lieu of the 20-foot and 12-foot required passageways.

This housing development is wrong for Atwater Village. Please lend your voice in opposition to this project, specifically to yard adjustments they are seeking. A public hearing will be held on Thursday, September 26th and now is the time to voice your opposition.

Please email the L.A City Planning Department and our election officials today at the following emails. Click here to send the email, or cut-n-paste:,,,,

Please include the Case No.: VTT-72218-SL in all communications…. And encourage your friends and neighbors to voice their opposition to

Click here for hearing notice

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