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LA River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study Finally Released


The US Army Corps of Engineers has released the Los Angeles River Ecosystem Restoration Feasibility Study for review.

This massive study began in 2006 and cost almost $10 million to complete. The 500+ report pages recommend improvements that would restore ecological value and habitat to the Los Angeles River corridor, from Griffith Park to downtown Los Angeles, including some concrete removal.

Five plans are presented: a “no action” choice, plus Alternatives 10, 13, 16 & 20. FoLAR emphatically endorses the comprehensive and expansive ALTERNATIVE 20, which is endorsed by the City of Los Angeles. However, the USACE asserts its Tentative Selected Plan as the conservative Alternative 13. Now is the time for the Los Angeles River community to make its voice heard all the way to Washington, DC:


The 45-day public comment will begin September 20 and end on November 5. One public hearing is scheduled for Thursday, October 17 at LA River Center and Gardens, 570 W. Avenue 26, Los Angeles 90065.

YOU CAN HELP NOW! Share the study link on social media. Attend the public meeting on October 17. Encourage your association or group to submit comments to the USACE relating to your local neighborhood near the river.

Call FoLAR at 323-223-0585 with your questions about this complex issue.

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