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ATWATER VILLAGE ACTION ALERT : Mulholland Memorial Fountain Historic Cultural Monument # 162

The LADWP is seeking to install a 9-foot diameter riveted steel section of the original aqueduct pipe at the corner of Los Feliz Blvd and Riverside Drive, just in front of the Mulholland Memorial Fountain. The pipe is part of the Los Angeles Aqueduct Centennial Garden currently being installed on the site.

LADWP’s insistence on placing the pipe is front of the fountain will impede the view of this beautiful iconic landmark. The pipe would mar the pristine view we currently enjoy and it will surely become a graffiti magnet.

Furthermore, the pipe is an interactive display piece made to encourage visitors to the front-side of the property. This will expose visitors to an extreme safety hazard since the busy intersection is used by commuters trying to access both the north and southbound 5-freeway.

The pipe has not yet been installed and there is a window of opportunity to place it in a more appropriate location, like behind the fountain in the grassy lawn area. Placing the pipe behind the fountain will make it a safer place for visitors to enjoy it and preserve the postcard view of this Historic Cultural Monument.

Please let the LADWP project manager and your elected officials know your thoughts, please cc Friends of Atwater Village on your communication. Thank you and time is of the essence so let your voice be heard.

Richard Harasick:
Mayor Eric Garcetti:
Council Member Tom LaBonge:
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